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Zoom Outlook Add In Will Not Sign In




I have Outlook 2019 and I use the Zoom Add-In to schedule my meetings.

Recently, the Add-In would not let me sign in. After entering my username and password, and clicking on the "Sign In" button in the side panel in Outlook, it would gray out the button, and would not do anything.

I tried using accessing my email via web browser, and using the zoom add-in from the browser, and it worked fine.

I've tried all the suggested solution in the Knowledge Base, but none of them worked.

I was wondering whether anyone else had experienced this problem, and how to resolve this





Outlook 2019 is compatible with the Zoom Add-In for scheduling meetings. The Zoom Add-In allows you to seamlessly integrate Zoom meeting scheduling and management within your Outlook email client. This integration streamlines the process of scheduling and managing Zoom meetings directly from Outlook's interface. However, occasional compatibility issues or glitches might arise due to software updates or configurations, so it's always a good idea to ensure you have the latest versions of both Outlook and the Zoom Add-In to ensure the smoothest experience. If you encounter any issues, you can refer to Zoom's support resources or Outlook's support documentation for troubleshooting assistance.   




  1. **Update the Zoom Add-In**:

   Could you make sure you have the latest version of the Zoom Add-In installed? Outdated versions can sometimes cause compatibility issues. Could you check for updates within the Add-Ins section of Outlook or visit the Zoom website to download the latest version?


  1. **Check Outlook Add-In Settings**:

   Verify that the Zoom Add-In is enabled and active in your Outlook settings. Sometimes, Add-Ins can be accidentally disabled.


  1. **Clear Cached Credentials**:

   Clear any cached credentials for the Zoom Add-In. Sometimes, cached credentials can cause authentication issues. You can do this through the Windows Control Panel or Credential Manager.


  1. **Check Antivirus or Firewall Settings**:

   Sometimes, security software can interfere with the functioning of Add-Ins. You can temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall and see if the Zoom Add-In works. If it does, you might need to add exceptions for Zoom in your security software.


  1. **Repair or Reinstall Office/Outlook**:

   If the issue persists, consider repairing or reinstalling Microsoft Office/Outlook. This can sometimes resolve conflicts that cause Add-In issues.


  1. **Run Outlook in Safe Mode**:

   Launch Outlook in Safe Mode to see if any third-party plugins or Add-Ins are causing conflicts. If the Zoom Add-In works in Safe Mode, it could indicate a conflict with another Add-In.


  1. **Contact Zoom Support**:

   If none of the above steps work, contact Zoom's customer support. They might have specific troubleshooting steps for this issue, and they can provide more personalized assistance.


  1. **Check for Known Issues**:

   Sometimes, software updates can introduce bugs. Check Zoom's official website or forums for any known issues related to the specific version of the Zoom Add-In you're using.


  1. **Check for Office Updates**:

   Ensure that your Microsoft Office suite is up to date. Sometimes, updates from Microsoft can affect Add-In compatibility.


  1. **Consider Other Options**:

    If the issue persists and you're unable to find a solution, you might need to consider using alternative methods to schedule Zoom meetings, such as using the Zoom web portal directly.

Yesse Ordonez, MBA candidate
Communications Director