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Used the download_url can not download cloud recorinds files


I developed a program to download zoom cloud recordings with zoom api.
It works well before but unable to download recordings anymore after 2022/6/15

■What I did
I used following API to get cloud recording's download url and download zoom cloud recordings with the download url and OAuth access token.
My OAuth app's scope has recording:read and recording:write permissions.
I refresh the access token every time before calling the recording api.

■What I expect
Used the download_url can download cloud recorinds files.

■What happended
Before 2022/6/15(maybe eariler), the downloading went fine.
Since then, by the list recordings API, I can get all of my cloud recordings's info as well as before.
But when I download cloud recording by the download url. I got a HTML file that shows a zoom webpage displaying [No permission.( 200)] error.
(see the attach file)

■What I search
I have checked zoom settings and API's change logs.
There is no change in change logs and settings are not changed.
[Cloud recording downloads] is disabled as same as before. Some reasons I have to disable it.
OAuth app's scope has recording:read and recording:write permissions.
And I found user with Owner role can download cloud recordings,but with Member role cannot.

Zoom Meetings Pro

1)Is there any change in download api that caused this [No permission.( 200)] error recently?
2)Does download url check the setting of [Cloud recording downloads]?
3)When [Cloud recording downloads] is diabled, Is there any other method if I can't use the download url?

Best regards