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Group Sync via SCIM


Zoom really needs to consider adding a full group sync schema to their SCIM implementation so that enterprise customers can easily manage syncing active directory group membership to zoom. This is a foundational thing that would allow easier automation of group and role management. 


Currently there are two methods for syncing groups to zoom, and both are sub-optimal for enterprise scale. 

1. Group Sync via SAML. When user logs in via SSO identity provider can send group membership. This works on a small scale but (a) does allow full group membership, instead it syncs 1 group based on rank priority. (b) there are limits to the number of groups that can be passed in this method.

2. The SCIM user schema includes ability to pass named groups go zoom via a single attribute. However this is not practical without creating additional automation in the identity provider to create an attribute with group names.


Bottom line - the SCIM standard solved this issue by enabling ability to sync group membership. Zoom would need to add this to their SCIM implementation.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Zoom has a process for handling Feature Requests such as the one you describe. You can use this Zoom web page to enter your feature request for Zoom's consideration, since they don’t track suggestions entered in the Zoom Community: 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Yep, I am aware and have previously submitted an official feature request. I get the sense that its low probability it would go anywhere since the feature isn't directly related to any one product. It's more of a foundational thing. 


Mostly posting here to see what others think. On that note It would be much better if zoom exposed feature requests more openly.