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Zumba Zoom Studio Add-on Unable to Apply


Hello, I am a Zumba Fitness instructor. I upgraded my Zumba account to add the Zoom Studio add-on. This is a discounted, but still paid, version of the upgrade to Zoom Pro. I want to apply for the OnZoom feature. However, it says it is only available to paid Zoom account. I tried to call customer support, however it said my account type is basic. I am unable to modify the admin settings for a "Group" as directed to try to grant access to the OnZoom feature to apply. I am the only user in my account, I have submitted my phone number, and credit card for identity verification. I would really like to be able to apply for OnZoom for my sole proprietorship in order to deliver virtual Zumba classes online. 


Has anyone found out how to apply for OnZoom with the Zumba Zoom Studio account type? 

Here's a description of the Zoom Studio feature as partnered with Zumba Fitness instructors part of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN),

"The Zoom Studio Add-On integrates the easy-to-use Zoom platform directly through ZIN Studio™ to host livestreams classes. We’ve negotiated a special price just for ZIN™ and SYNC Members for this optional upgrade at $7.50 per month, allowing you to save while also taking advantage of premium Zoom features, like the ability to host up to 300 people, visually interact with students, ability to record your class, breakout rooms, and more!"

Thanks in advance! 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @cierasunshine 


It appears the The Zumba "Zoom Add-On" is an external product provided by Zumba Fitness, as an addition to their service, not a service provided by Zoom.


If you have a Zoom account (a login) provided by Zumba Fitness, that means (I believe) you are not the Owner of that Zoom account. Zumba Fitness is.


So I believe it would be unlikely you could enroll that account into OnZoom and bypass Zumba Fitness.



Thank you. However, I already had my Zoom account and can access it freely, it does not appear controlled by Zumba Fitness to own my Zoom account. I see what you are saying in regards to it being an add-on to their services, as the link to launch Zoom is within the Zumba Zin Studio app. However, I still have an upgraded access to Zoom and want to apply for the OnZoom feature for fitness class professionals. My Zoom account does not allow me to access that application. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @cierasunshine 


Are you able to access


And what do you get if you try to become an OnZoom Host here:




Thank you for your prompt reply.
Under Zoom Account:

Basic Information

Account Type: Free (Credit Card Verified)
Your Role: Owner
When I attempt to become an OnZoom host, I received the following error (in the screenshot attached),
"This account is not pre-approved to become an OnZoom Host
You are applying to become an OnZoom Host with the email, which is already associated with your Zoom account. OnZoom is currently accepting Host applications only from Zoom users in the U.S. with a Pro license (or higher) and a U.S. Billing address; please upgrade your license, if necessary, before applying."

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @cierasunshine 


So this suggest that, as far as Zoom is concerned, you have a Free (Basic) account.


You need a Paid account with Zoom to become a to become an OnZoom Host.










This response wasn’t helpful at all. 

I also just signed up through Zumba Zoom Studio.


I hope someone who is experienced and knowledgeable with Zumba’s partnership with Zoom would see this and give us instructions how to convert existing account to Zoom Studio.