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Zoom Calendar Sync Stopped working 6 months ago - no answers - lots of frustration


We have Enterprise zoom, Outlook365, using latest Outlook client.
Only plug in in Outlook is zoom. 


About 6 months ago, I noticed there was a zoom update - and this is when the calendar stopped syncing.

The issue is me and my business partners receive outdated popups for calendar events that were rescheduled or cancelled.  I see people joining meetings that don't exist or were moved, and I am joining meetings where nobody is present.  A huge time waste.

I followed the suggestions and saw that calendar sync was already on. I turned it off, then back on and then the syncing worked, for about 5 days, then it stopped again.


I went back in to the calendar sync option and it was on - but it was greyed out, so I couldn't turn it off and back on again.


I created a ticket with our internal zoom support and they said that this setting was hardcoded by Zoom, not our administrators.

Needless to say calendar sync has not been working since.  Now there's no way to turn it off and back on so it works.


Anyone know what's going on here? I posed the same question to Microsoft.

Our IT help desk says the solution is to manually change the zoom meeting every time a meeting is moved or cancelled.  This is too much work.  The application used to do this automatically.


When will we have a fix for this?  Its been 6 months now.




I've had this issue at my organization for about the same time frame. Users would update or cancel meetings from Outlook and it would not sync correctly alot of times with Zoom App (VDI). One day the meeting would sync and show correctly in Zoom app and then next day it would be gone. Seems to be really happening with older meetings and still trying to figure it out. I do have a support ticket in.