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Getting Zoom NOT to show all events that are not a zoom


Can anyone tell me how to stop zoom from showing all my calendar events that are NOT Zoom meetings under my meetings ?



Same issue! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hope this helps you Danielraphael
My issue was I had 2 calendars (1 business and 1 personal) my friend Patty realized I had somehow changed the calendar in Zoom to my personal calendar which does show my business calendar appointments as well as my personal.
If that is your problem, here is what we did to change it to only my business calendar:
Go to Settings
Click on "Profile"
Click "Edit My Profile" in upper right next to your picture
New page opens 
Scroll down to bottom where you see "Others" and you will see "Calendar and Contacts Integration"
It will show you the calendar that is connected - if that is the wrong calendar, you have to delete it before connecting the calendar you want it to be grabbing information from. 
From there you add the calendar you want by choosing and following those steps. 

Hope this is your issue and it's fixed for you like mine now is. Best of luck!