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"Change Panelist Appearance" and Name Tags in recordings

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I had my first Webinar session assisting a client who checked the "Enable Host control of panelist appearance" box and indicated they had set everything up in advance. 



It appeared perhaps that two panelists had shared registration information, and the Host and her assistant may have also both logged in from the same URL attached to the Assistant's login.  The Name Tags were duplicates, and of course changing the Display Name via the Rename menu doesn't change the Name Tag info... so after some confusion, the Name Tag info was changed under the new "Change Panelist Appearance" menu item.


Unfortunately the Cloud recording had already been started... and all of the Cloud recordings have the duplicated (unmodified) information on the Host and one of the speakers.  These were modified at the beginning of the webinar and were displayed correctly for Panelists and Attendees!


It's like that information is passed down to the Cloud recorder in advance, and any change to the Panelist Appearance info online is not communicated to the recording system.


Has anyone else used "Enable Host control of panelist appearance" and had issues with the recorded Name Tags?


Quick Update

I ran a test in a fresh webinar with different -- but similarly puzzling -- results.  I started the webinar with one set of information, then started the recording.  Then, while recording was still active, I changed the information in the Name Tag, and soon after stopped the recording.  The NEW information was displayed for my Name Tag from the beginning of the recording.


So while I'm still confused as to what actually happened... I know that changing the Name Tag info during the Webinar is not reflected on the recording in a timely manner.  Maybe it's designed to always pick up "the latest info" and put that on the Cloud Recording throughout.  I'm searching for documentation on this.  If you find something, please let me know.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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