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Zoom Webinar Practice session(s)


Can I start and stop Webinar Practice Mode sessions multiple times before I actually start the Webinar ?  Zoom Support docs are clear that you cannot have multiple CONCURRENT Practice session for the same webinar, but can I do a Practice session, exit and then start and stop another Practice session later, before I start the Webinar ?



Hi --


In my experience, I was able to hold multiple practice sessions, as long as it was prior to the official start time.



Just want to double confirm if I am understanding this correctly. The help article says the following but it is not clear if we can hold multiple practice sessions leading up to the actual webinar day.

"You can use the practice session days before the actual webinar. You can start the practice session, broadcast, and end the event hours or days ahead of the scheduled date, without impacting your ability to start the webinar at the actual start date/time."

You didn't have any issues running multiple practice sessions and still do the live webinar as scheduled?


Look forward to hearing back!