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Webinar sent out wrong time


Good day,


Recently hosted a webinar where we linked Zoom to Eventbrite. Unfortunately, there were 2 types of invites to a webinar, one that was sent out at to correct time and another that was sent out 1 h later (some attendees did receive on correct time Google calendar event, and some received 1h later Google calendar invite and some received both of them and both of invites looked different)  I did see that for some error was fixed by checking time zone, mine was correct on Eventbrite, Zoom and PC - GMT+3

Can someone explain why this is happening and is there a way to fix this, so it doesn't happen in the future?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Event.  Sorry for the delay in seeing your post. 


You don’t indicate whether all of the communication was done within Eventbrite, or by Zoom. Normally I set up a Webinar with reminder emails 1-Day and 1-Hour before the event. These have always been sent out in a timely manner, in my experience, and are based on the Webinar time scheduled in Zoom. Note the time zone setting on the Zoom Webinar. 

Eventbrite’s communications are not sent based on the Zoom Webinar settings, but on the settings for the event within Eventbrite. Again, care must be taken to ensure the correct time zone settings are applied.


Then any calendar integration also has to be checked, so if Google Calendar invitations were sent, that’s another level of integration that potentially has issues – and in my experience, is the most problematic.


When I use Eventbrite registration, I turn off the Eventbrite email notice just before the event, but I send an email via Eventbrite a couple of days before the event telling them to be sure to save and use the Zoom-provided Join link from the 1-Day and 1-Hour before emails. I never send calendar invitations other than those already included by Zoom — never using Google or Outlook. 

Just my experience and preference, and I’ve never had an issue with time zone errors. 

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