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Webinar: allow registrants to switch devices but NOT to use multiple devices simultaneously


Hello all,

we are using Webinars to conduct medical education events with about 200-700 sometimes paid, sometimes free participants.

If it is a paid event, our intent is to allow one simultaneous stream of the webinar per registrant. However, we do want to allow a registrant to change their device during the 8-10 hour webinars.


If I disable "allow registrants to participate from multiple devices", they seem to be prohibited from re-joining the webinar from a different device even if they have stopped streaming on the first device. They have to return to the device they used first in order to re-join the webinar.


If I allow registrants to participate from multiple devices in the settings, in my testing that meant they can use the same link to stream the webinar multiple times simultaneously, which means they could share their link which is not intended.


Not being able to change the device during the course of the webinar is an inconvenience to users, allowing multiple streams is a risk to us.


The most sensible solution (and this is how it has been in the past - was this a recent change by Zoom?) is to allow exactly one stream per registrant, no matter which device they happen to use at the time.


Is this not possible anymore?