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Understanding Spotlight


We are working a webinar with two panelists. During the webinar, I'd only like the speaker to show on the screen. I believe this is done through spotlighting and in the recording of the webinar, this is how it is. However, during the webinar, both panelists are appearing on the attendee's view. Does anyone know why this is?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

When hosting a Webinar it's important to know that the host has the ability to control what the audience sees. Zoom Meetings don't offer this level of control, as the attendee can always choose to switch back to gallery view.

In Webinar you want to confirm that on the HOSTS computer that you select the "Attendee View". Either "Follow Host's View", so whatever is on the Hosts machine is what will be seen by the audience, "Speaker" view which basically spotlights the active speaking panelist, and "Gallery" view.

I would guess that whoever the Host was had "Follow Host's View" selected, but then set their own view different, not realizing that it would change the audience view, too.


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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen