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Split Screen/Pop-up Instructions


This weekend during an event when we went to split screen speaker.  The 'end-use' viewers all got a large ppt presentation and a tiny speaker view.  There was a little pop-up that gave instructions about customizing your own screen by dragging the adjustment bar in the beginning, yet the pop-up was only there for seconds? Many did not see it or even have time to read it.

It ended up being a big problem because no one could see the speaker and didn't know that they could or even how to drag the adjustment bar.  They were very upset and We didn't understand what was happening to them until finally, someone sent a photo of what they were seeing.

Is there a way to set a timer for the 'pop-up instructions' to be on the screen for a longer time?
Is there anything that we could have done in our settings that would have made their split screen truly split in half?

Thank you so much!