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Recording did not save at the end of Webinar


Today we hosted a webinar where my account would record the event. We ran practice sessions before the event in which I was given recording privileges. Then, once the real webinar started, I began the recording 10 minutes before the practice session ended. Once the whole event was over, I got a notification saying that the recording failed since there was a previous one going on (a 6 second recording from one of the practices). I was then told to go into "meetings" or "recording," I forgot, but the webinar never told me this once the recording started. 


This is extremely problematic as we promised the video would be recorded and Zoom never said to finalize the 6 second video processing in the background. What can I do? I need the recording please.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Steve004, was this a local or cloud recording? If local, were you having trouble converting all of the recording? Can you share the message that was prompted to you? And did you ever 'pause' or 'stop' the recording between the transition of the practice session and your webinar?

Zoom Community Moderator

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Hello brother, 


I did a live class as well and the class did not upload to the Zoom archive in the cloud. Can you please help me with this? 


thanks 🙏 brother 




I have just recorded a session and it was not uploaded to the cloud as well. 😕