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Kicking out all Webinar Attendees at once


My colleagues and I host a webinar series. At the end of the presentation, we often need to talk with the speakers without attendees being able to hear or see us. Is there a way to force exit all the attendees at once, leaving only the hosts and panelists? Currently we are having to end the webinar for each individual attendee one by one which is tedious and time-consuming. Any suggestions or are we missing something?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @1honeybean,


There’s no way to boot all the attendees in a “regular webinar with Practice Mode”.


Most of my clients set up a post-webinar meeting for panelists and hosts only. Everyone exits the Webinar, and “the team” meets in the separate meeting room. 

If your Webinars are under 500 participants, consider upgrading to a Zoom Events 500 license for $20 more a month. With this license, you get the Webinar capability, but there’s a special option to have “Backstage” enabled. There are several advantages to this, one is being able to close the Webinar for attendees and then all Panelists (anyone that isn’t an Attendee) remain online together for debriefing, or the after-party, If appropriate. 

If your Webinars are more than 500 participants, you can still upgrade to Zoom Events – but the price differential is more that $20/month. 


See this Zoom Support article for more information: 


Here’s a screen shot of webinar Options with Backstage enabled:



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