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Inviting Mid-webinar on a Webinar that Required Registration


I am planning to create a webinar that requires pre-registration, in order for most of participants to be able to get email and unique link to join my webinar.


However, some members might have difficulty in accessing email, so they might instead be asking for a link to directly join a webinar (some kind of generic link). Is there a way to also invite new participants during the webinar with generic link, or any link that acts like an invitation link of a webinar that does not require pre-registration?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Meeting ID and passcode to join the webinar.



 I tried invite from an already started Webinar session and it send them to the reg page,  as soon as they input their info it then brings them in.  But, I want to add Zoom rooms but not sure how that would work as a Zoom room will not register. 

@Ohkawa no single passcode when webinar registration is required.  It is unique per attendee.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Hosts or co-hosts can call ZoomRoom as long as ZoomRoom is in the same account.



@Ohkawa you are correct.  So I did some testing today. @james_marcus  and @Ohkawa .   I started with a registration required Webinar.  After session was started I was able to invite an attendee from within the running Zoom.  Attendee was sent to reg page and it required registration fields to be completed, but took them straight to the ongoing session.  I invited a Zoom room, this did not require registration.  They simply input the meeting number.  I was also able to call the Zoom room and they only needed to accept and were admitted as attendee.  Furthermore I set a Zoom room as a panelists, once they entered the Zoom session ID they were admitted to the Practice session.  I was also able to call the Panelist Zoom room and there were admitted as panelist to Practice session.  Hope this info helps someone.  Cheers.