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Eventbrite Integration Not Working


I was having an issue in Eventbrite when I tried to sync an event so I deleted the integration to try it again. Now when I select "Add" in the marketplace listing for Eventbrite it redirects me to my Eventbrite account page but never actually adds the integration. This has happened multiple times in the past few weeks and I have no way to complete the integration. Help!



Did you get this issue resolved?

One of my clients is having a problem connecting his Zoom account to Eventbrite.

We keep getting an error message saying "We are having trouble connecting, please try again".
Was wondering if this is a related issue to what you were experiencing!


This comes down to Eventbrite's integration. Zoom provides an API but it's up to third parties to build a robust solution. You could try using APIs to connect to Eventbrite via  custom integration. There are also other ticketing or event registration solutions that are built for Zoom and have a smoother integration. Looking through the Zoom marketplace one option is Salepager for creating Zoom sign up pages.