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Complete newbie, wanted to record a webinar (i think) and just don't get it-


I was sent a link to watch my daughter on a kind of graduation ceremony from her college. I do have a basic Zoom account which i established in case i ever needed it and is active. Reading the instructions i am told to go to settings, Recording and click on Local Recording to toggle.


Two big problems: First, when i follow the link i was sent, there is no Settings icon on which to click, but strangely at the start there is an automated announcement "Recording in Progress". No idea what that tells me - if it is notification that i somehow am acquiring a recording or if it just tells me that the host is recording. I did check the directory where my settings said my recordings would be stored but that is empty.

Second: If instead i open my desktop client, and please keep in mind that if i do that, i have no idea how i would marry the desktop client to joining the broadcast (if that is the right word), though i can click on Settings, then click on Recording, clicking on "Local Recording" does absolutely nothing that i can see - no indications that i have engaged nor disengaged anything.


I'm afraid that i need the big little words with pictures version as to how to accomplish this as i don't want to mess up next time such an occasion rolls around. Can anyone direct me to such?



I am confused as to what you are trying to do? You were sent a link. You want to watch the video from that link and record in Zoom?

Yes! I wanted to record and keep a part of the ceremony-

Why do you want to use Zoom for that? Just record the screen using a myriad of things. Google "Record screen" and you'll see you have all kinds of options. Zoom would not be my choice.


I presumed an internal mechanism would be most thorough and efficient after my attempt at using the MS Windows "Snipping Tool" only recorded video (no audio). Apparently my presumption of Zoom having an efficient integrated facility is wrong! I will search-

What link were you sent - a link to a Zoom cloud recording? If so, you might be able to download it.



It was a live graduation kind of ceremony-