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Adding Panellist to Meet with Profiles


How do I add Panellist to a meeting with Profiles for each.  And how do I direction when they come and interacte with participates.  I've watched several videos and just don't get it.  I'm currently, using the basic.  What would you suggest in order to achieve this?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Passionate


 I can help you out with all of this. I agree it is confusing until you understand how it all works. So, a panelist is not really a "meetings" thing. Panelists are for Webinars. Webinars are sort of like TV in a sense. All of the attendees do not have the ability to turn on their video or microphone so they are just watching the Webinar as an attendee. The panelists are the people that are allowed to turn on their video and microphone, so they are the ones that are usually delivering the content in a webinar. Think of it like a stage with an audience. Only people invited up to the podium to talk would be panelists. 


In a meeting everyone is a panelists in the sense that they can all be unmuted and video on or off as they desire. The way that you invite people into your meetings is by adding their email addresses into the section that requires it when you click on "schedule a meeting" in your Zoom account. This button is located by pressing the meeting tab on the left side of your account and then on the far right is the "schedule a meeting" button. 


I hope that this answers your questions. Let me know if there is anything more that I can do to assist you. 




Brandon (he/him/his)
Zoom Community Champion
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?