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Acuity Scheduling and Zoom Account -- how does this all work?


I'm new to Acuity scheduling and I see there is a way to integrate it with Zoom (I understand that part and have set it up, no problem).


What is tripping me up is that multiple people will be registering for a group class, AND acuity says it's going to generate a unique link for each person upon class registration --> let's call these little 'duckling links' 


Two part question:


1.  How do I START this meeting on zoom account? Should I create the meeting in my zoom profile and will acuity understand this is the 'big momma link'?

2. If I SHOULD in fact create a meeting in zoom for my event, how does my zoom account know that she is the 'big momma' link and all fo these random generated 'duckling links' know to connect to her?


WILL THIS WORK? Thanks for your help! 



I'm commenting here to follow this as well. According to Acuity's help articles these unique links should all lead to the same place, however, when I had a class on Friday no one could get in and everyone got the notice that I was in another meeting. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@leanneb @LeslieF Hi there, thanks for posting. Just want to check if you have you messaged the Acuity Scheduling Help Center to see if they can walk you through the integration: