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Account Management With Webinars


Hello everyone!

I have just taken over the management of our Zoom account and I have a couple of questions as I am not overly familiar with the platform.


Our current subscription is as follows:

- Pro (9x licences)

- Webinar (500 + 1,000 + 1,000 users)


We use Zoom exclusively for Webinars, as we use a different solution for day-to-day meetings.



1. At present, if a member of the 'webinar team' wants to run a Webinar (e.g. the 500 users one), they login to Zoom with the email address associated with the Webinar account and setup the webinar. The challenge I have is that if the 'webinar team' has 4 people and they alternate at organising webinars, they all login with the same 'shared' account which is something I don't want. How do I setup a Webinar account to be managed by multiple people, using their own individual credentials?

2. Related to point 1., is the number of licences I currently have (9) the total number of individuals I can setup in my Zoom account to manage my 3 Webinar subscriptions?

3. Can I run multiple/simultaneous Webinars using one Webinar account?

4. How do I setup people in our subscription, so that they can manage one Webinar (e.g. the 500 users one), but not the other ones?


I am sure more questions will come up, but I start here 🙂


Thank you in advance.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @mrc –


This happens a lot: someone sets up Zoom users, leaves, and someone else is asked to manage the users either without much knowledge on how to manage them, or not much info on how users are set up.  In addition, sometimes the new Admin discovers that accounts were set up in a way that is against against Zoom T&Cs.


 Technically speaking, sharing accounts is not permitted. Everyone who will be regularly hosting Webinars needs a webinar license add-on assigned to them. If you have 4 people regularly hosting Webinars, then you need 4 Webinar licenses, one signed to each of the 4 users. 

There are workarounds for occasional Webinars from others. A user without a webinar license, who must be on the same organizational account as the user with the webinar license, can be designated as an Alternate Host. See this Zoom Support article for details:

Another helpful capability in your situation might be Scheduling Privilege – See this Zoom Support Archie for details on that: 

On question 2: If you have 9 users regularly scheduling Webinars, you need 9 subscriptions. You can possibly use the Alternate Host capability on occasion if some of those users only host Webinars infrequently. 

On question 3: No. 


On question 4: Licensing Zoom products can be intimidating at first. Please see this Zoom Support article for some guidance: 
If you hand 10 out more Zoom user licenses, you should be on a Business account, not Pro. It’sa little more expensive each month, but you get phone support and other benefits. When you’re in a bind and need fast help, it’s worth it if your business is relying on Zoom heavily. 

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" /
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Thank you @Ray_Harwood - this is useful.


I am going to start by saying that I haven't gone through the Support Articles you shared, but I will shortly.


If I understand correctly, if I have 5 people regularly hosting 'different types' of webinars, I need 5 licences, each one of them with a Webinar add-on. On the other hand, if I have 5 people regularly hosting webinars, however the webinars can be grouped in two categories (say, 'training' and 'events'), I need 5 licences, but only 2 webinar add-ons, with 'Alternate Host' configured. Is that correct?


I will look into  Alternate Host and Scheduling Privilege capabilities in more details to learn more about them.


I started reading about this last night, but I am definitely looking at upgrading from Pro to Business as we want to leverage SSO via Okta. I am assuming Business also comes with SCIM provisioning capabilities.

@Ray_Harwood - do the same principles apply if we want to upgrade the Webinar add-ons to Event add-ons?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I’ll mention that an Event can be comprised of multiple Meetings and Webinars over many days, and the primary speaker at each session can host their own session without having a separate meeting or webinar license.  Again, a complete discussion is for another time, but I think it could be useful to you, if handled properly. 

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" /
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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I’m not sure your statement is correct. Why are you assuming that Training and Events need only 3 licenses when there are 9 people holding these sessions?


Clarification: Everyone needs Meeting licenses. Everyone that is regularly hosting Webinars also needs Webinar add-ons, at the size level that is their expected maximum. I got a little sloppy with my use of the word “license” there!  There is a lot of terminology in Zoom that seems to overlap at times. Sorry about that!


I’ll also address Zoom Events here: I think you could likely make great use of Zoom Events – and it’s only $20 more a month per license. Unfortunately a complete discussion of Zoom Events is beyond what I can communicate here. I can send you information about a couple of resources I’m aware of where Events/Conferences are discussed, studied, and tested by current users of Events.  Be aware that Events has only been in General Availability since October 2021, and there are many “tough edges” still being worked out.


You are also welcome to join Denise Lahat’s (@DeniseLahat) Facebook group for Zoom Events producers. See her posts about the regular meetings where we test out features most Tuesdays in an actual Zoom Event.  Denise is taking a couple of weeks off, but I might ask her to let me host the discussion this coming Tuesday – especially if your able to attend. 
Join there and post some questions, and you’ll get plenty of help.

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" /
Please like any post that helped you; please mark solutions so others can find them!