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Outgoing Video Problem


During our last few Zoom video chats, our video output has been acting up, there were only 3 participants including ours.

The other 2 participants talked about a rainbow behind us, and that our video feed was randomly switching between our feed and one of the other participants feed but it was displaying their feed upside down in our output window.

We clicked on the option to show all participants and saw what they were talking about, it looked like a scrambled tv channel, a brief flickering slanted unclear color bar (rainbow) on the top and black below with no other image - then - our feed - then- one of the other participants but their feed was upside down and somehow in our on-screen output window, and the feed randomly switched in our output window every second over and over and over. At the same time that 1 participant had a separate output window of their own that was clear, clean, and nothing abnormal.


Since another participants feed is mixed into our output feed window, and that same participant has a separate output window that clear and clean,  it does not seem like a camera problem.


We have 1 Gigabyte internet service and a new camera.  Any ideas?






I'm having similar issues.  Hope someone respnds soon with a solution. 


I have a participant who consistently has the same issue in every meeting. Has anyone found a solution yet?