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Breakout room Recording


Can host record breakout room on local computer. If a host comes to breakout room and exit the room after 1 min.

Can he save the recording what is happening when he is not in the room


Community Champion

Hi @Maaez ,

No, they can't, but a meeting host can give participants permission for recording.

It is possible to record a session in each room on each participant's computer by giving them recording permission or co-host promotion.


  • Hello, Forgive the likely simple question, but where does the overall host give permission for each breakout room to record their individual session?  I have a big meeting I'm planning with 7 separate breakouts and need to know how to (in advance) allow recording of each one (I know this can't be to the cloud but to a local computer). Please help. Thanks in advance!

Community Champion

Hi @ElleKay 


This is the support article for the procedure.

Please refer to 'How to assign recording privileges to a participant' in it.


If you want to give the participants fully co-host access, please find this support article.


I hope this helps.