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Pasting onto a whiteboard?


I'm working with Zoom on a Mac. I can see that I have content on the Mac clipboard but the 'paste' option is greyed out on Zoom's whiteboard. How do I paste an item onto the whiteboard?


Thanks for your help!




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @viclennard, you have the ability to copy and paste only text onto the Zoom whiteboard at this time. However, for any feedback and suggestions, you can submit a feedback request at, thanks! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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I am also having problems pasting just text. I can copy text from my notes for example but when I try to paste onto the whiteboard I just get a "blip" sound and it will not paste.


Same issue. I've been having it for a few weeks, two of my colleagues say it started for them when they downloaded the latest version. We use this feature with all of our clients, so it's creating a lot of issues. It's hard to come up with a reason why this functionality would intentionally be available but it hasn't been quickly fixed as a bug. Would love some understanding here.