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Zoom chat freezing and icons disappear


Please can someone help me.


I have recently upgraded to Zoom 5.7.8 64bit, I have been Zoom account admin and run regular Zoom meetings for over 15 months, but the past two weeks, I have had issues with the chat freezing and all the icon buttons disappearing, plus the who Zoom 'task bar' only appearing when I hover over it.  I use the chat and the integrated closed captions as part of my teaching.


is there a known problem?

Can I reinstall an earlier version of the software without these issues?

Its embarrassing when you are teaching and part way through a lesson and these issues have occured in every lesson.


Please can someone help me with a resolution.  Thanks





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @lipreading 


Version 5.8.0 is coming out today/tomorrow - so you may want to try updating again soon.


You can download previous versions if you need to by editing the URL below with the version and build numbers from the release notes page (bottom link):


Hope this helps.