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Virtual Background



I need help I am not able to get the zoom virtual background to work while I am using Zoom room for meetings/classes could someone advise me on what should I do? please thanks. 

  1. What is the operating system for the computer that the camera is connected to? Windows 11 Home

  2. If the computer is a laptop is the camera connected directly to the computer or is it connected to a docking station, USB hub or USB adapter? No not a Laptop

  3. If the computer is a desktop is the camera connected to a USB port on the front of the computer or a USB port on the back of the computer? DESKTOP-JN9AFG7 and connected to a USB port at the back of the computer 

  4. Have you received any error messages? I receive a note when I try switching the background pictures sometimes it says error trying to load the picture from the Zoom virtual apps right there under the selected picture which I clicked on. 

  5. Can you provide a picture or screenshot of the image that you are getting in Zoom? Kindly note as per your request trust you can view where I am speaking about as you can see how the virtual background looks in the shot.  

  6. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom's software? No, I haven't because I even tried to log in apart from the app and still it's showing up like that as per the screenshot 

Thank you I will be awaiting a response from you regarding this query. 
Yours respectfully,

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Slim_1900 

I've never used virtual backgrounds in Zoom Room.

However, upon checking the settings, it appears that a green screen is required.

Is it possible to use a virtual background even with a green screen?