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Video Flicker/Freeze


Following the recent version update, my camera image flickers and freezes when meeting in a room. As this started with the update, I would like to go back to the previous version of Zoom. Please advise. Thank you.



Yes I have the same issue - no problems with zoom until Friday 10th when it forcibly updated itself without my permission and now the video flickers, the other person's video appears in my screen every few seconds, there are wierd horizontal lines that almost look like analog video static, and I have to mute video and re-enable it to get a few seconds of my video clear for the others to see. Please immediately fix this catastrophic downgrade, Zoom!

Ditto!   Starting around that time, my video image shakes like I have a palsy... so weird to watch so I have to participate in conversations with no image.  HOW DO WE FIX THIS?!?

Same here. Previous version of Zoom no longer available, says my history.


does Zoom EVER reply? How to fix this issue?

Previous version no longer available under history



YES! I have the same issue - it's with my image in Zoom meetings (via built in webcam on Dell laptop). Thankfully a screen share doesn't do this - but I have to keep disabling my video and re-enabling.

I lead meetings where people need to be able to watch my hands as I'm demonstrating things - so this is a PROBLEM! 

It started after the most recent update. Trawling Google and looking at other comments there, I suspect that something about the new updated version is configured with the assumption that all Zoom users will have high-speed broadband available. We live in a rural area and do not have great bandwidth.

Help, Zoom! You need to support ALL your customers!