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Logi RoomMate


Has anyone tried the Logitech RoomMate yet?  I just got one in to test.


At first I was under the impression that it would only work with Logi devices, but that doesn't seem to be true.  I got it to work with a Neat Tablet and also a VCGear tablet, and I also plugged in both a Jabra Speak 810 and a Logi Meetup.  Everything worked.


I will first get one bad thing out of the way--the remote that comes with it kind of sucks.  It seems to have trouble connecting sometimes and the buttons are kinda mushy.  I wish the quality were comparable to the MeetUp's amazing remote.  Although it is impressive that this remote can be used to control cameras plugged into the RoomMate.


Besides that, it seems pretty great.  It's only $1000, and then you also need to purchase a controller tablet and a camera/mic/speaker.  If you get the VCGear tablet and a Logi Meetup, that's only $2000 altogether, for a pretty high quality system.  Considering that companies like Neat, Yealink, Poly, and DTEN have just raised the prices on most of their Zoom Rooms offerings (eg Neat Bar is now $3000, Yealink A30 is now $2700), this seems a pretty great deal.


I would greatly prefer something like the Neat Bar where there's only two moving parts and no need for external USB devices.  But since the Neat Bar is $500 more expensive now, I've already had two of my office directors decline to get one since apparently it's too rich for their blood.  So I'm considering offering the RoomMate, MeetUp, and VCGear tablet as a cheaper, yet nearly equal in quality, alternative.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi StefanScherbik Zoom Rooms will work with other vendors tablets, assuming the tablet is running a compatible version of the Zoom Room Controller software. This was the original concept for Zoom Rooms when Zoom released the product to Windows and Mac generic solutions. When using an appliance based device like the RoomMate, Logi will be testing against the Logi recommended products in their recommendation list, shown on their website. This means better reliability and end to end support provided by Logi. If you go for a multi vendor approach, you will will find support less comprehensive. 


Logi like other Zoom Room hardware partners will release their Zoom Room hub/bar/codec alongside a matching release of their Zoom Room Controller software and in some cases firmware updates for the Zoom room hardware and corresponding peripherals. This tighter eco system of components from the same vendor enables stability for the customer and the acknowledgement all components have been fully tested to work together.


Yes, it would probably pair best with a Logi Rally Bar and Tap IP tablet.  But I do appreciate that the RoomMate can be paired with another vendor's cheaper tablet and camera/mic/speaker system.  Although I do feel it pairs well with the Logi MeetUp, even though that is an older device.  At least it's still under the Logi ecosystem for improved support at a lower price.  Hopefully they don't stop supporting the MeetUp cam any time soon.

We got a couple of the devices for the test. Our use case to replace windows-based Intel NUC PC supplied by Logitech with  Logitech TAP  and Logitech MeetUp camera. Both connect via USB connection to Roommate. Firmware update for Logitech TAP could be done with Logi Roommate. Unfortunately this is not the case with Logitech MeetUP. The firmware for the camera has to be updated by connecting to a another PC with Logitech Sync software.

Firmware version for Logitech TAP (connected via USB) does not get displayed in "Peripherals" even though the firmware was updated via ColabOS (1.6.552). 

There is an issue with microphone on Logitech MeetUp (Audio version 1.9.261, camera version 1.0.256) when testing mic it does not record audio.

Another issue is with  registering ZoomRoom with activation code for Roommate via Logitech TAP  . As a result Zoom Room does not get registered to Zoom cloud. I have a ticket with logi support. 

Overall there are several bugs here and there with Colab OS at the current release 1.6.552 (as of 6/30/2022)

Otherwise the unit is pretty good and also supports Pexip conferencing.