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How to join Webinar practice session as panelis through Zoom Rooms


As in the title - it's self explanatory. We can join only as attendees (as if from panelist-link added to calendar, only webinar ID was added, not hashed panelist ID). Maybe I've missed this in some guide, but for the hell of it I couldn't locate the solution. Regular Zoom client works fine..

So what I'm looking for:

Zoom Rooms; panelist individual link; joining practice session


Background - we've set up a conference room for our guys/gals.

Earlier they needed to log on through 2 computers earlier, since they needed-wanted to see other panelists in grid and a presentation that was shared simultaneously (they were bothering us about that). And since they were kinda blind, using single PC connected to both TV displays was bothersome regardless of Windows scaling. IT hands-on help was required every single time. So two PCs (laptops, where they just joined and complied with sticker that said "Windows + Shift + Right Arrow", etc. where Zoom client wouldn't let it automare) provided us with a bit more time for other tasks - IT has a lot of other tasks to do during pandemic, after all.

So, after all this "experience" and some snoofing, we've tried Zoom Rooms. Display management took care of most pressing issue, external mic/camera setup hasn't failed us so far (which have happened on regular Zoom client); BUT - our "panelists" can't join practice session, which put strain on themselves and their assistants that have to explain the host that "Yes, we'll connect as soon as you'll start webinar and let attendees enter", and "you just have to promote attendee XYZ to panelist". A/V is a non-issue, but simple find-and-promote, depending on the other side, may take up to a minute, which makes our "panelists" not so happy (also due to the fact that sometimes they wanted to talk to other panelists before going "live").

So, we're trying to make it work, but we don't know if we omitted some step or it simply doesn't exist - and that's why we're writing.


PS. I've considered trying to make our Room as alternative host, but it requires connecting Webinar account with Rooms one. I'd like to buy Webinar and making us a host of  webinar - with acc permissions given to other party that hosts the event - but it's something that I would like to know if works before making a purchase - we've purchased a lot of trials before and penny-by-penny it adds up quickly.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @mikavelli You should be inviting the Zoom Room via the panelist option in the Webinar but make sure you type in the Zoom Room name in the Name field which will then bring it up in a selection box for you to select (this is very important).  It will then show the Name and @Location under the "Email/Zoom Rooms" field.  This will then show the Webinar in the "Meeting List" on the Zoom Room controller.  Note that the Zoom Room controller will only show the Meetings/Webinars for that day.  When you now press Join from this meeting list it will bring you into the Webinar / practice session as a panelist (and will confirm this on the controller so that you know you are in as a panelist).  See this article for a more detailed explanation (step 5 specifically talks about the Zoom Room):  Adding or importing panelists to a webinar – Zoom Help Center