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Using Zoom Phone from other apps on Mac laptop and iPhone


Trying using Zoom Phone with my online (Web and mobile) work CRM app on iPhone and Mac to dial phone number.  Right now when I click on the phone icon in the CRM app - it pulls the phone number of the contact and if I click on it, it dials it through my regular Verizon phone account. But I need it to be able when I click on the phone number to pull the Zoom phone number and dial through Zoom.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



On the Mac, there are a couple of steps to setting up the Zoom app as your default phone client, and a keyboard shortcut that you can activate to dial directly from an email or webpage after highlighting a number. The steps are explained here:


As a bonus after the first step is set, you'll be able to call using Zoom from the Mac's Contacts app (fka Address Book) by clicking a contact's phone number. 


I don't know of a way to set Zoom as your default phone client on the iPhone; I don't think that it is possible.


If you are using Salesforce as your CRM, there is an app to install into Salesforce made by Zoom on the Zoom App Marketplace, as well as some other CRM apps that integrate with Zoom.


I hope this helps!