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Hold Music not activated when Transferring on Zoom desktop app, Zoom Phone Appliance app or Zoom iOS

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



We recently converted to Zoom Phone. We acquired three different types of desktop phone through HaaS (Yealink T54W, Yealink T58A, and Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliance). 


When transferring a call from the T54W or T58A, the incoming caller is automatically placed on hold and the audio recording that we selected for Hold Music is played - as one would expect. When transferring from the Zoom desktop app for Mac, the Zoom iOS app, or the Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliance (hardphone that runs the Zoom app under Android), pressing Transfer does not automatically place the user on hold. The caller can hear what you are doing until you dial the transfer-to number and complete the transfer. This is obviously not ideal. I have figured out that I can place the call on hold first and then tap transfer which does work. 


Has anyone come across this too, or know if an enhancement request has been submitted.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Thank you for posting this concern.  We have an internal ticket open with engineering for this particular issue.  It is being reviewed for an engineering resource to be assigned.