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Finding things


I am so new to using Zoom, I am not sure if I even came close to choosing a correct/helpful subject and "board."


I thought I had gone through enough "help" items to establish my first Zoom meeting as a host.  I have been a free member for some time, and had very little trouble joining someone else's meeting.


After I got through scheduling a meeting, I got the Windows showing the date, time, and other information I would send to the participants.  In saving the page, Zoom notified it was sent to the clipboard.  Trouble is, I am not close to guessing how/where to find the clipboard.  I got back to the schedule and took a screen shot so I could pass on the information.


I have the Zoom app on my computer and clicked on it thinking I could find such as The Community and all the other helpful items.  The app popped up, of course, but it has no link (which I could determine) to things such as The Community.


Would anyone be willing to toss me a bone with the information on how to find what is on the clipboard and an easy way to access the screens with the options such as The Community?


Thank you, and have a blessed day.