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scheduling a meeting


I am an administrator on a paid license and use mac with zoom down at the bottom of the screen with my other apps.  Today it made me sign in but wouldn't take my password. I reset the password.  When I went to schedule a quick meeting, it wouldn't allow me to put in the time 8.15am.  Instead it only allows 8.00 or 8.30.  When I went to change the time (like I almost always do) it would only revert back to the next 30 minute time available.  I had to choose 8.30 and texted everyone saying that the meeting would be delayed.

When I schedule 8.30, it automatically asked me to sign up to Microsoft Outlook.  After numerous loops to get out of that and 4 times scheduling 8.30, I found below that there were options to use one calendar - iCal (before the meetings were put on my personal iCal and my company Google calendars).  It went onto the iCal calendar.

Then, where the screen used to come up and allow you to invite team members, there was no inviting available.  I had to go in the calendar and cut and paste the links and send them out via email. 

I went back and tried scheduling via the Google calendar and still no screen to allow me to invite anyone else.

What is going on?  Thanks for your help.