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microphone - others can't hear me


My microphone is not working in the zoom ap.

1- Tested -Speakers working, not picking up sound with microphone

2 - unloaded and reloaded software

3 - Tested microphone in different ap platform and others can hear my voice no problem.

4 - Went to settings  and did a microphone test there and it is working.

5- Checked my ap access to give permission to the zoom ap and it's on.


Any other suggestions on what else I can try?





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @jamjo924 


When you join meetings, does it say you are joined with Computer Audio?


When you are in the meeting, do you have the option to Mute and un-Mute?


I have the same problem as the previous person.  I do zoom exercise classes with the 24 hrs fitness, It never says you have joined, but it used to work fine. All of the sudden nobody can hear me and can't even see my chat messages. I can mute and unmute from my side. Microphone is fine. Host had unmuted me but nothing is solving the issue. Any suggestions will be appreciated. 

It says I am joining with Computer Audio

Yes I have mute and un-mute options and they work



Me too. I have attended a weekly meeting for years and suddenly no one can hear me. I have tried everything.