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chat timestamps are incorrectly displayed in the past


For one of the weekly meetings I attend, the chat timestamps displayed during the meeting are off by about a half day or more. It is not off by an exact hourly amount, but rather by some random hours and minutes, and it changes each week, always displaying a timestamp from about a half day to a day and a a half prior to the current time. The displayed chat timestamps are consistent during the meeting, i.e. they progress but just start with the wrong time. I am joining the meetings via a unique link provided by an email received a couple of days prior to each meeting. This does not occur for other meeting participants who also join from the same emailed link, and it does not occur in other meetings or webinars that I attend.  However, if I click the three dots icon below the chat entry field and select to save chat, the resulting meeting_saved_chat.txt file has the correct timestamps, although in 24 hour format. Any idea how to get the chat panel to display the correct timestamps during the meeting?



My team experienced the same issue today. of the 5 users in the meeting, 3 saw incorrect timestamps in chat that were also not updating during our 4 hour event. 1 user in the meeting did not have the issues, nor did my chat (as the host.) One of my users commented a similar issue was happening during our meeting last week on May 5, but they didn't say anything because they thought it was a temporary bug. 


Also, during today's live meeting I was not able to see chat messages that were being sent to the team publicly by another user, but everyone else in the meeting could view them just fine. 


I've searched for answers, but cannot find any. Guidance is appreciated. 


Same issue here.


This past week the chat panel suddenly displayed the correct timestamps! I don't think I've made any system changes or updates on my computer, so it is a mystery as to how the issue cleared up. It had been going on for several months. Hopefully the issue has gone for good.