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Zoom recording format not supported on Android tablet


I'm using Moto tab g70. Some of the zoom pre recorded videos (posted on year 2021 and afterwards)are not opening on this device. While videos posted on year 2020 are opening. 

Has anyone faced the problem and got the solution, please help. 

The same videos are getting opened on other devices. 



If you're encountering issues with a Zoom recording format not being supported on your Android tablet, it could be due to compatibility issues with the specific format used by Zoom. To resolve this problem, you can try the following steps:

Verify Recording Format: Check the recording format used by Zoom on your device. Zoom offers different recording formats, such as MP4, M4A, and others. Ensure that you're using a format that is commonly supported on Android devices, such as MP4. You can check and change the recording format in the Zoom settings on your tablet.

Install Media Player Apps: If your Android tablet doesn't natively support the recording format used by Zoom, you can try installing third-party media player apps from the Google Play Store that support a wider range of formats. Some popular media player apps for Android include VLC Media Player, MX Player, and BSPlayer. These apps often have support for various video and audio formats and may be able to play the Zoom recordings.

Convert the Recording Format: If you're unable to find a suitable media player app or the format is still not supported, you can try converting the Zoom recording format to a more widely supported format. There are numerous video and audio converter tools available online that can help you convert the recording to a compatible format for playback on your Android tablet. You can search for "video converter" or "audio converter" in your preferred search engine to find suitable tools. Ensure to choose a reputable and reliable converter tool to maintain the quality of your recordings.

Thank you very much Jameswalter for response!

I've installed the VLC player as suggested by you but still the problem remains. Also, the recording link is being provided and in that I'm unable to see the recording format. 

The same problem remains, I've sent email to Zoom a week back but they have not responded yet. 

Thank you again for trying to help!


Perform general troubleshooting for sign-in issues
Check if your internet connection is stable. Review your app version and then upgrade as necessary. Uninstall the app, then download and reinstall it. Clear Zoom cache and cookies from the settings.




Thank you Diana! I did that as well , still not getting solved. The videos till year 2020 are getting opened but the videos of year 2021 are not opening.

Thank you once again!


I'm having exactly the same issue on a Samsung tablet. Just started a few weeks ago. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted tablet, cleared cache, searched for other solutions which I can't apply through the Android app so i have no idea how to find the video format as suggested by Jameswalter. They work fine on my phone but they are yoga classes so phone isnt adequate for playing back. The recordings I'm trying to play back are paid for and only last a week so this is very frustrating. 

Yes. There's no way to contact Zoom also. I hope they do something about this.


I am having the same issue on galaxy A8 tablet. Tried all the usual trouble shooting steps. Videos open fine on s10e phone.

Yes, many of my colleagues have faced this problem with Samsung Lenovo, Motorola or other android tablets.