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Zoom crashes when it uses my camera


Hi everyone,

I used Zoom multiple times and never had any problems, and suddenly two days it began to crash. It always happens the same way : I log on a a meeting, and when it tries to use my webcam, it freezes and does not response.

The only way I can use Zoom is y logging on my web browser, my camera doesn't work but it do not freeze. If I go to the video parameters, it freezes and does not response. Also, my microphone does not work. I can only hear and use the chat.

I've already reinstalled Zoom multiple times (even older version), it doesn't do anything, I've also updated graphic cards & camera drivers. I've also checked and my camera and mic do work.

Until now, I haven't been able to find a solution to my problem anywhere, so if anyone happened to have the same problem, I'll gladly accept any help.



Same for me 


same for me as well. camera drivers updated. fresh install of zoom.