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You can now join a Zoom meeting straightaway so that your browser doesn't get opened in your PC.


If you are a person who joins a meeting so often, It will be more annoying to wait for

the browser to get opened and to click on "Launch meeting" every time.

Have you ever wondered If you can join a meeting instantly so that your browser doesn't get opened & no need to click "Launch Meeting"?

This method will help you join all your meetings, without wasting your time by not clicking "Launch Meeting" all the time.


  • For to do the setup, you will need the link of the meeting.

  • Firstly, click on the meeting link so that your browser window gets popped up, giving you an option "Launch Meeting". Now right-click in your browser and navigate to inspect and click it like the screenshot below.

  • After you have clicked inspect, head over to "console" tab.

  • Next, after clicking the "console" tab' now click on the blue "launch Meeting" button

  • It will pop up saying "Open URL: Zoom Launcher". Click that for confirmation

  • At the moment you click, the console tab will an underlined text like in the screenshot below.

  • You have to click in the underlined text, and it will ultimately open a new tab

  • Then in the new tab's URL box, copy the contained Text like in the screenshot below.

  • Lastly, Close your browser and in your desktop's home screen, left-click and click on "New > Shortcut".

  • Now paste the copied Text in the shortcut's Text Box like in screenshot below.

  • Then, click "Next" and give your desired name to the shortcut like "My Meeting" and finally click "Finish".

    Now, guys, you have the shortcut for your Zoom meeting. Now what you have to do is to simply click on the shortcut to join the meeting every time, rather than clicking the link or typing the meeting ID & Passcode.

    This time, no browser will be opened, and you don't have to click Launch meeting all the time.

    Note 1 : This Method is applicable to all chromium based browsers like chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Opera Etc.

    Note 2 : This method is applicable for only the meeting of that specific link. You have to repeat the steps if you want shortcuts for all your meetings.

    I hope you all now understood the steps & can now join your meetings instantly.

    Thanks for reading!!


Zoom Moderator

@Shyam Thank you for taking the time to share this helpful tip! We'd love to see more! 




hey there, tried to do this for myself and I found that once the new browser is open and the "Open Zoom" or "Cancel" options are in the pop-up window in that new tab, you can't F12 or right-click and inspect. If you click Cancel then try to inspect the element ,the POST request has failed. If you Open, you still don't get the "Open URL" that you're looking for. Can you clarify steps 2-4? Thanks!

Hi, you are right when the pop up is there you can't F12 or right click and inspect thats why in that popup you have to click the cancel option and then right click and inspect. Once inspect bar apears you have to go to "console" and click the Blue "Launch Meeting" button and proceed the with steps mentioned above.  Since you told that even after clicking "cancel" and trying fails , I have screen recorded  the steps. The Microsft onedrive  Link is here -!As0RSMU_WXJmgQFbizqr552p-GLc?e=UM3Gjs .

Let me know how it works!