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Screen sharing issue


Is anyone else having this issue?  When I try to share a screen with my disabled clients in Full Screen mode, the screen share automatically pauses.   This just started happening recently and I cannot find anything about this?  I share a screen in regular mode and it works, but the second I hit Full Screen, it pauses?   I would appreciate any help I could get on this.   



I chatted with a zoom agent named Trishia T and this is what she asked if you have a Mac or a Window computer?

She also said: Normally, reinstalling the app fixes all issues. Could you ask the affected user to please follow these steps and check if there will be improvements: 1. Uninstall your Zoom app by following the steps here: 1. Check our how to uninstall zoom support artical. Restart your device. 3. Reinstall the Zoom app from our Download Center. 4. Run the downloaded installer file and follow the instructions to install.

If the issue still persists, do the following from your Zoom App Settings to modify the screen-sharing behavior. 1. Sign in to Zoom Desktop App 2. Click Settings > Share Screen 3. Under Share Application, select "Share all windows from an application." 4. Click Advanced 5. Make sure that "Share selected app window only" is unchecked. 6. For the Screen Capturing Mode, please set it to Auto After that, please run a test meeting and then share the web browser where you play the video and let me know if it works.



That did seem to do the trick.  Thank you so much.  I dont know what happened.  It just changed recently, maybe because of an update?   Unsure, but thank you very much!   Randy


Screen sharing problems as well as general troubleshooting can be found here
It is possible that in order to resolve this issue, you will need to restart your device or browser. If you wish to reinstall the app, you should first uninstall it and then download and reinstall it from the app store. Make sure the Zoom app is allowed to take screenshots of your screen in the privacy settings of your macOS device if you have updated to version 10.15 Catalina or later.