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Registration Only Meeting Zoom Link Keeps Directing to Registration Page


We have been using registration only Meetings for 7 months now. However, on a most recent meeting, several registrants attempted to click the blue Join Meeting button from their confirmation email as well as copy and pasting the full link from the same email, and when they do they are directed to the registration page for that meeting and NOT the meeting. Has anyone else seen this and resolved this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @sbreshears 


I would suggest updating your recurrence by editing your meeting start date to something more recent.


Question though - if your participants re-register, after being redirected to the registration page, are they THEN able to join the meeting?

We are having a similar problem with registered participants being directed to the registration page when clicking on the join the meeting link.  Since the meeting is full, they see a "registration is closed" message and are not able to join the meeting.  Is there some option we need to check?