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Presenter Notes Shared


In my Zoom call today, my participants could see my PowerPoint presenter notes in screen share. That was a problem. Normally, it doesn't happen. Any idea what mistake I made to have them see my presenter notes so I can avoid that in the future? Thx! 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner


Did you share whole desktop for your presentation? If yes i suggest you to share specific apps when share your screen to prevent this happen.


Here is for your reference: 


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HI Nafi,

I'm not up on the protocol here yet, but I am in an emergency!  🙂

I need to give a Keynote presentation via zoom - -- where I can see my presenter notes and viewers see only  my slides.

I'm told this:  Portion of Screen: Share a portion of your screen represented by a green border. The border can be adjusted as needed during the share by clicking and dragging any side or corner.

But "Portion of Screen" is not an option for me!  I mean, it doesn't show up as an option.

Is my Mac OS too old?  10.14.2?

Thank  you!!!

Simplest way I've used for several years is to connect a second monitor to your Mac. Then Share Screen, select the secondary monitor's screen, Share; then (if you haven't already) open Keynote on your primary screen (e.g.. laptop)  and click Play. With luck, you should see your Presenter screen on your primary screen and your broadcast slides on the secondary screen. If you see the opposite, then an obscure icon (one of several) can appear in the upper-right corner of your Presenter screen with interchange-arrows showing, and if you click that, it can reverse the two screens; or I think there's a keyboard shortcut for that step. Sometimes you can get a really weird setup that requires you to drag-and-drop the two screens to interchange each to where the other began, but that's rare.