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Missing or vanished recurring meetings!


I have a recurring meeting I have had once a week since October. On Monday 2/27 I extended the date through 4/2/23. I have been extending it a month at a time since October. When I logged in to start the meeting on Tuesday, 2/28 it was gone. All past occurrences had vanished, along with all the ones for March.


Today I logged in and a different recurring meeting had vanished as well, from January 1 to present. The October-December instances are still there.


These are meetings I use weekly. Can anyone tell me what is going on?



I am also experiencing a similar issue with a recurring meeting which did not appear on 3/2/23.  I asked the person who scheduled the meeting to resend me the invite and it is only coming back to me with the option to remove from calendar, not to put on calendar.  It also does not appear in my Zoom account, anymore.  Please help.

Same issue here... all my 20+ recurring meetings simply vanished from the Client App... I now have to use Zoom @ the browser to enter them.


Did you ever find your missing meetings? I have a half dozen recurring meeting IDs  that I have reused for well over two years that just vanished and and unfortunately for me, it's a pretty serious problem....



I am having this same issue. They are just gone. And when I look up in support, it says to go to recurring meetings and click on the deleted meeting (which doesn't show up because it vanished). So the support suggestions aren't helping. I was able to start my recurring meeting by clicking on the link I shared with my class. So it's still active, but is not showing up in my Meetings tab. Has anyone found a solution? 


I'm having the same issue. All of my reoccurring meetings are gone. 


Same issue



I have the same issue.  The meeting scheduled tonight has a working link when I click from my calendar, but one that I rescheduled from tomorrow to next week is showing an invalid meeting ID.


Same issue.  I had several recurring meetings, but only three of them are still visible.  There is no "recently deleted" option, so whatever removed them either didn't do it in a valid way, or did it a long time ago?


The best I can figure the system just ate them all. I ended up having to recreated a bunch. I think I found some of the reports for registrations, so I could email those people. Super frustrating, but I suspect it is some kind of system glitch. 😞


I have the same issue in my desktop Zoom client - they were there on Monday. I can see them in the browser version. Very frustrating. In fact, I cannot see the nice list of all my meetings, I have to instead tab through. And there's an annoying prompt to connect my mail and calendar. Lastly, when I want to set up a recurring meeting, it forces me to select a bunch of dates, when all I want is a reusable meeting. All seems to have come at the same time.





Mismo problema. 

La nueva actualización ralentiza mi trabajo. Me hace perder tiempo y por tanto dinero. Hoy con la confusión de no encontrar las reuniones he tenido problema en varias reuniones con clientes y una formación.

Es muy irresponsable perjudicar así nuestro trabajo sin previo aviso.

Quiero volver a ver mis reuniones recurrentes  desde la app. 

Y crear nuevas reuniones recurrentes sin día fijo. 


Si no lo solucionan con urgencia, me daré de baja del servicio y como poco, exigiré que me devuelvan el pago anual por cambio de condiciones y funciones del servicio sin previo aviso.


#Reclamacion #reunionesrecurrentes #actualizacion