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Meeting invitation text keeps getting replaced


Its happened three times already that when I add or delete someone from an event, it replaces my event text. I get the message "The event description will be replaced with the Zoom default invitation." This has been really frustrating as a I have to quickly edit it back to what I originally wrote and it resends to everyone. 


I've been making the changes through outlook/the zoom plugin. Anyone have any solutions? Can't seem to find any.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @alopez,


My Zoom Outlook add-in doesn't do that, but it was a recent installation.  I've found several people with questions who installed Zoom Outlook add-ins a long time ago which has a different user interface.  (Note: I tested new Meetings, new Appointments, and adding/deleting attendees from Appointments.)


How long ago was your add-in installed?  At what point in the process does that message appear?  Is it ONLY when you add or delete someone, or does this happen when you simply make the initial Meeting or Appointment?

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Hi Ray,


I would say its been happening for about the last two-three months. Its only happened when I make a change to the meeting (i.e. add or delete someone) but doesn't always happen which is what makes it more strange. 

I'm experiencing the same issue.  Did you ever solve this problem?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @DBrillowski,


I don't think so.  I never got enough information to be able to replicate the problem to figure out how to solve it.  If you can replicate this (semi)consistently, it would be helpful to me if you could get a screen shot of the area that's being affected, before and after the change occurs, and any messages that you get.  (Please redact any personal or sensitive information in your screen shots.)


I can't tell if it's something Outlook is doing, or if the Zoom plug-in is doing it.  But I'll try to figure it out... eventually!

Ray - Office Hours at
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This happens consistently in Outlook when I'm sending invites on behalf of another person.
Original invite messaging:


After adding additional attendees the message reverts to:




Any further updates? This is the only thread where I've found my exact issue and it is extremely frustrating to deal with. 

It looks to be the plug-in because it's zoom that is loading the client and replacing the text with only the zoom link info. You have to open the event, make edits, CLOSE, then re-open the event and make edits to the emails (remove or add) and then it will give you the message that it's replacing everything. We don't even have a chance to cancel/stop it.