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Whenever I attempt to log on I get this message, "Start new meeting? You will have to leave this meeting to start the new meeting. " with an option in red to click , "Leave & Start" or cancel.  Problem is I am not in a meeting, I am trying to log onto a meeting. This just started happening yesterday.  I am not able to join any of my scheduled zoom meetings - those I have scheduled, or those I others have invited me to join their meetings.  Help!!!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @JMB2 -


If you join using a web browser, double-check to make sure you don't have a stray tab/window with a running Zoom session open. If you use other devices (phone or tablet), also make sure you're not in sessions on those devices. 



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Anissa • Zoomologist • @anissat

I don't have other windows or tabs open and still I'm having this issue.