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Incoming audio from streamed music is initially clear, then becomes garbled and low-volume


Running Zoom version 5.13.11 (13434) on a Dell XPS 9520 laptop with 64GB of RAM, an external screen, and external speakers. Windows 11. Using the Brave browser (and Microsoft Edge as a backup).

When I attend a Zoom meeting for my choral group, everything is fine until the host begins streaming music from Youtube. I hear the music perfectly for a few seconds, but then its volume goes way down, and at the same time, the sound becomes garbled.

If I switch to another speaker device, I'll hear the music clearly again: but again, only for a few seconds. Then it becomes garbled and low-volume.


I can't find any audio setting that fixes this problem. Turning "Signal processing by Windows audio device drivers" OFF seemed promising at first, as I got maybe 10 full seconds of clear music. But then again, the volume cut down and became garbled.


Once the streaming finishes and the host begins speaking again, the sound is fine for her and others' speech.


Update: just near the end of the choral rehearsal, I tried joining the meeting in the Microsoft Edge browser (rather than Brave). I had the same audio problems. However, when I turned  "Signal processing by Windows audio device drivers" OFF, I got good sound for a full 30 seconds, at which point the piece that the host was streaming ended. As it was the last piece of the rehearsal, I was unable to do any further testing.


Suggestions eagerly solicited! Thank you.