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I cannot sign into my account because of 2FA


I hope one of you can help.  I have tried for three days to find a solution to my issue using help pages and chat-bot but I have gone round in circles – I really would appreciate your help.


I am a sign language interpreter working in the charity sector and my basic zoom account is a lifeline for me and my clients.


The problem:


I cannot sign into my account because of 2FA.  I do not have the account in my authenticator app (I do not know why and nor does Microsoft) so no numeric code is generated.  Neither do I have a recovery code.  I can only imagine that I did have the account in the app before, but I have not used it for some time, and it has been deleted accidently.


Without being able to sign in I am unable to access any sort of support or change my sign-in and security options– hence my email to you.


How can I either:

  • Switch off 2FA on my account and inform me when this is done
  • Delete my account so that I can recreate it with the same email address


Thank you for any help you can offer...   I have honestly exhausted any other way of finding a solution.


Thank you so much,