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Host has another meeting in progress


I was the only host and had the settings so the participants could join at any time. I had only 2 participants currently in the meeting and waiting for a third. The third participant received the message that the host had another meeting in progress.  The third participant tried several times but was never able to join. 



Hi, SFarquharson

If you have more than one meeting scheduled, 3rd participant may get such a message if he join with the wrong meeting ID.
It would be better to invite a third participant by inviting the participant

I have the same problem.  Only one meeting is scheduled, everyone has the correct meeting ID and they still get this message that I (the host)  am in another meeting.  I have been using Zoom for years and this problem has just started over the past two months.  Very frustrating.



Please make sure you invite third participants to the correct meeting id for this kind of issue.


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I have the same issue and yes - participants have the correct meeting ID.  They still get the message that host is in another meeting.  ONly one meeting is scheduled and I am the only host.  


I have been using Zoom for years and this issue has only just begun in the past two months.  Very frustrating.


 I have the same problem.  How do you get in to talk to someone who can explain this?




None of the responses helped with this issue.  I am having the same issue and have run through all the checklists making sure everything is in order.  Parties are still getting the same message of  "host in another meeting".  It is the ONLY meeting I had set and participants were all invited to the correct (only one) meeting.   Can you please help with a relevant answer?  Thank you.



I’ve found this means the host is logged into two devices at once in their zoom account. They need to close the zoom app on one device. 

for example if I as a host was on zoom via my phone and then left the meeting but didn’t actually quit the app, and then later try to host a meeting on my computer, attendees will get this message. All I need to do is truly quit zoom app on my iphone or iPad and then the attendees will be able to access the meeting I’m hosting on my computer. 

of course the issue is that the host doesn’t know that the attendees are getting this error message. Aside from lack of attendees or someone texting/calling  them to let them know, the host will not know there’s an issue.



I've had this problem a few times as well, and I was not logged into two devices at once.  Very frustrating and embarrassing!

If the app is open at all on one device (I.e. you haven’t swiped up on the phone even though you’re not in a meeting and truly closed all the way out of the app) and you try to conduct a meeting on another device it considers you’re logged in two places at once for hosting purposes