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Getting the E-Mails of Meeting Attendees


I'm sure this has already been posted somewhere, but wanted to see if there is anyway to get the e-mail addresses of people who attended a meeting. These would be people who clicked on the open invitation link, and were not pre-registered. 


I'm able to pull up reports of the number of people who attended my meeting, but not who attended.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Dan, 


Hello @DanM2169   This is do to a current change here-->


In order to have the emails appear within the reports Zoom had a change that affected how email data appears in reports.  

Moving forward, in order for contacts to appear, they must meet either of the 2 criteria

  1. If the participant entered their email address into the meeting or webinar registration flow, then it will be shown for that specific meeting/webinar OR
  2. If the host provided the participant’s email to Zoom in several ways (detailed in the previous email)