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Cannot hear Piano Sound on zoom after version 5.13.3



I use Alvoxcon USB Wireless clipon Microphone connected to my computer and use HDMI cable to connect my computer to the big TV screen to use as speaker on Zoom for church small meeting. After Zoom version upgraded to 5.13.3, all users on zoom (via phones or computers) are not able to hear the Piano playing. Zoom users are only able to listen to the sound of the person who uses the clip on micro phone, but not the loud sound from the Piano. I had never experienced this issue prior to 1/22/2003.
I think it might be caused by the Zoom feature upgrade to suppress background noise. I also have tested with someone on Zoom with a laptop set it closed by the piano and experience the same issue. The laptop has its build in microphone and speaker. I can hear well from the sound of the person speaks, but I cannot hear the sound of the piano when the person is playing the piano.
Greatly appreciated if anyone has a suggested solution to this problem.



Hi,  I have the same problem  on  my new Dell inspiron Windows 11.  -- my online piano instructor can hear only my voice not my keyboard.  But   Zoom  works perfectly on my old Dell windows 7.  Tried all kinds of ways to resolve it, by changing the audio settings etc but no luck so am paying Dell service support to get it looked into,  as the rep said it seems to be a Zoom software issue.  You should look at this link where there is an ongoing discussion about it and a Zoom rep is responding to people and perhaps post your comment there:


I'm having the same issues, not on my end but with two students both of whom use Mac so it seems to be an issue with the onboard mic which is having the audio processed by Apple iOS and so the Zoom settings are useless. Either the students need to go into settings and change some things around (annoying and faffy) or Zoom can change the way it takes in the audio from the mic - i.e. without any audio processing. Seems like it's an issue that Zoom has caused, given it was working largely fine before recent updates.... 


exactly what I have been telling them!