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Can't view who agreed to Disclaimer after meeting ends, not listed in Usage Reports????


Hi Everyone, 


I have been trying to figure this out for days!  

We have the Pro Plan and I use Zoom on my desktop.  Before every meeting starts my client is required to read and agree to our custom Disclaimer in order to enter the meeting.   From what I have read, when the client agrees or disagrees, the answer is saved.  In my reading, it should be able to be viewed in the Reports, then Usage but it's not there. 

Where do I go to view and save this info for our company records?  It's important for us to have record of who agreed to the disclaimer. 

Any and all help appreciated!! Thank you. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Scizzors76 you should be able to find the disclaimer within the User Activity Reports, try using this direct link


Users must agree to the disclaimer, otherwise, if they click Cancel in the disclaimer, they will not join or start the session, or sign in.

Users will be shown disclaimers each time an account owner or admin chooses to update a disclaimer, and then again at the specified frequency. More info on user activity report for disclaimers and customize the recording disclaimer.


Zoom Community Moderator

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Hi RN, 

Thanks for much for the reply.  I used the link you sent me and there are ton of things listed that happened during my meeting with certain client but nothing about accepting the disclaimer.  

For instance, these things are listed:

Meeting ID
Start Time
End Time
User Join Status
Join Time
Leave Time
Screen Share Used
File Transfer Used
Recording Used
Video Used
Phone Used
Chat Used
Meeting Encryption Status
Nothing about disclaimer.  Could I have a setting wrong?  I really need this to work.  I know my attendees are seeing the disclaimer and agreeing to it because they can enter the meeting but there is not record of the accepting of the disclaimer, which I need.  Thanks for the help. 

I still need help please. Thank you!

Hi @RN - on the links you shared one mentioned the reports for the user activity reports tab - admin activity logs, settings snapshot, sign in/sign out, chat history, phone system operation logs, disclaimers, reported participants and attendee log - I do not have all these reports on the user activity reports tab - is that a setting issue that they are not all appearing - as you know I am looking for the disclaimers report and since I only see like 3 reports out of the above list I think this is why. Please let me know thanks.