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Can I automatically paste screenshots into the Zoom chat during a call?


Hi all, 


On every Zoom call I'm on I screenshare for the entire duration and work on a digital whiteboard (MS Paint), explaining things through hand-written worked examples. 


Often I want to screenshot my entire screen and paste it into the meeting chat of the call I am in. I might do this 5-20 times per hour. I don't want to 


I know I can obviously click [prt scr] then [alt]+[tab] to the Zoom window, click in the chat box, then use [ctrl]+[v] and then [alt]+[tab] back to MS Paint. 


Is there a way to make this process slicker? For example, an app that recognises a certain keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot and automatically paste it into the chat of whatever call I am active in. 


Kindest regards,